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What is intelligence? Maybe who is, not what is?

History analysis of human intelligence tells us that humans are probably the least intelligent beings on earth. Contrary to human belief – that is. Seeing another human as a resource to exploit in slavery and oppressive rules, and going as far as institutionalizing hatred based on a skin tone – that my friend, is the lowest point a self proclaimed ‘intelligent’ being could ever go. Even donkeys don’t do that.

Our thinking is way too limited. And we are prideful – we think in selfish terms. Remember ages ago humans thought that they lived at the ‘center’ of an eyeball? Later they learned that the universe isn’t an eye. So they shifted their view to say that we are at the ‘center’ of the Milky-way Galaxy. Later we learned that we aren’t at the center of anything.

We have also been asking, “if there be another intelligent life out there, more intelligent than us, why has it not made contact with us already?”  Well, that’s a selfish question once again. It is not always about us. Who said it hasn’t made contact with us? In fact, why would it be interested in us at all? How do we know if at all, that there was any contact made? Are they supposed to be speaking the same language as us or communicating through Electromagnetic waves like we do? Or use binary operated technologies like ours? In fact, what is life? What if what we define as life here on earth is just one form of life out of a billion other different forms of life? We’ve had contact with the winds. What if the winds had consciousness of their own form? See not all things must be in human standards for them to be considered valid.

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See, if you have to learn something, that thing isn’t in your character or nature. Likewise, we have to constantly learn that not all creation is about us. That we are but just a drop of a speck of dust in the vastness of all creation in the universe. We have to learn selflessness because we are selfish. Just like sometimes when we extend our help to others, it would be for our selfish desire to feel righteous about it. Still selfish. We enslave each other for our selfish benefits.

Now true intelligence should be open minded. It cannot be self centered and so self absorbed. It must swallow the universe in thought and extend imagination far beyond self. An intelligent eye must, by default, see all people with one eye. No standards. No classes. No differed treatment. That is, if I show good treatment towards a successful businessman, the same level of treatment must be extended towards a homeless man and the same for an infant or for a dying old man. There must not be any difference because we are all the same. Wealth is acquired, it isn’t part of our image. Two events prove that we are the same: birth and death. And everything else in between is clouded by the illusion that we are different.

An intelligent eye must not seek to destroy other lives – wars, crimes and all self-centered vile acts a human brain can cook up. We have not yet seen animals bombing each other or making each other slaves and servants.

Maybe  intelligent life is found in animals. But no, we want it for ourselves. Animals don’t care about whether they are seen as intelligent or not. You know why? Because intelligent beings don’t care about it. Only a foolish creation would be so obsessed with the idea of being intelligent so that they may feel elevated above all other creation. “Above” by whose measurement? Self measurement. Selfish again. That form of pride is the evidence of the absence of intelligence. Let alone wisdom. Because of this selfishness, we become so insecure. See, insecure people usually tend to be harsh and ruthless. That is because they are afraid of not being in control; terrified of not being in power. So they will enslave you, they will press you down and colonise your own body. They are terrified of not being in control and power – because these two are an illusion and remain the creation of their own minds! If their self of control was real, they would not be afraid of loosing it.

See, hate, anger, grudge – these are the lies that we consume everyday. The minute we do away of these, we would become more and increasingly more aware that love is our true nature, and everything else is a lie – an illusion, only a perception built upon ego!

Now, what is intelligence? Or, better yet, who is intelligent?





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