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South African political challenges

How do you appreciate someone you’ve always valued lower than your dog? How do you begin to respect someone you’ve never thought of as human? Why else do you think most whites don’t bother to learn a black language, like they’d say, ’21 years of democracy is a lot of time – there’s no change’?

In a country like ours, South Africa, the term ‘democracy’ is more on paper than in practice.
When we talk ‘black’ and ‘white’, we are not referring to just race or colour! Get it right, at least for once. The word ‘white’ mainly refers to power, control and hate . On the other hand, ‘Black’ is associated with poverty and lowliness – the receiving end of white power and hate.

So next time, don’t talk to me like black and white is just a skin colour! Anything good done by a black person is not good enough to a white-eye; it is always criticised and disapproved.

It is still ideal for us to be one nation, a rainbow nation as portrait in the international media or in our political writings which were written and edited from a political view point. But we are on the ground daily, and we experience racism in countless ways in our own land.

Sometimes I agree with those who’d say “Mandela forgave you, we didn’t!”. At times I wonder why he did it. At times I feel betrayed by him and his crew. At times I try and see things from his explained-view and I agree with him.

We cannot teach a black child to be colourblind in this country yet because his oppressors still teach their children how to smile, shake his hand, make business with him and hate him at the same time. We aren’t ready yet.

Are you white and not racist? what are you doing about racism?

Are you black and colorblind? Wake up! The dream will never come true unless you wake up to make it possible!

It is said that: anyone neutral towards any form of oppression or violence, takes the side of the oppressor.


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