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Dark Internet vs Deep Web

Have you heard of “Dark Web” also known as “Deep Web” and another one called “Dark Internet”, also known as “Dark address” or “dark address space”?

These two are parts of the World Wide Web – the Internet. The first, Dark Web or Deep Web, is part of the network which is not publicly accessible or searchable. It is the ‘hard-to-find’ websites. This includes sites that need a special software or configurations to access – like most peer2peer file-sharing networks. Usually contain harmful or illegal distribution of files. Like Torrents ftps and tunnels. This also refers to websites that are accessible on the Internet, yet they are not indexed by standard search engines.

The latter, Dark Internet, can be confused with the former. The difference is very little. It is part of the Internet that is kept secret yet contain safe content. It is usually kept secret because people do not need to search for such data and not relevant for the public. For example, I could host an application or website on my personal computer, where I share information only relevant for my job with my colleagues – that means I’ll have to give them my IP address, which may not be the same every time, and give them some login credentials.

Really, feel free to confuse the two! They are just similar, really! But not so similar in the exam room. Lol

Ok! That’s enough for the day!


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